Apr 20, 2010

Owh Demand~

Ting tong~
post ni simple..

"Coba tenang seketika
Coba pejam mata
Biar resah hilang saja
Dan coba diam yang bicara
Sediam bersama
Ditemani jasad kita
Kan ku cari konklusi~"


As I demand for yr smiLe,
I'll never get it..coz i never found how..
and I'm always...not the one who can make you smiLe..
I dun mind..and I dun care..
At least you smiLe..
myBe that is why I'd never afraid for not always being by your side..
That special one,
pLease keep the smiLe always with em..
It's relief me~

ps: good friends aren't me~ take care..

~the End~


rumet said...

=) ur da one~

HDS voice said...

"A truth makes everythings else seem like a lie~"
haha tibe2~