Apr 14, 2010

Owh forgiveness~

Ting tong~
('down' to level 1 only)

Is it wrong when we express what we really feel??
for some people, yes .. it's wrong.!! haha I agree with you~

But if anyone want to express their feelings to me, I really don't mind..
more but ..!! I personally would blame me myself when I
said something such what I feel or something very honest ..
I'll be too emotional for it..
and in the end
it's feel like I really take things upon myself..
I confess myself every time I speak ..haha
and I only would say such word when that 'down' in a high level..
For me,
people around me are too good to be blame..
You can't force others to do it in your way of child-thinking rite..??
so on...
I'll never expect something or anything yet..

yes..it's my fault...

and I demand for

hahaha ..
(ape yg sedang ku merepek nih...??)
never mind + fine ..
besides, the less we talk, yet not many of wounded hearts ..
hahaha..xley bla~

~semoga berbahagia disamping org tersyg ye semua org~

p/s 1: I choose you because I heart you..and I'm sorry for that~ but dun worry..i still heart you in the way you are..you hd neva hurt my heart but me myself who made it.
p/s 2: thanks to someone coz bagi bukak mateku nih besa sikit..tapi an..do not feel burdened la even more if the words is not for you..
p/s 3: trimas juge kepada pmberi msg pnjang pg tuh..pagi2 da buat sy tsenyumm.. See..words can hurt, and words can smile.. Luv words~~

~the end~

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