Apr 28, 2010

Owh life Lines~

Ting tong~
today 28th April 2010..
gonna be Wednesday..
this is not some kind of usual post..
this is what inside me~

When the pencil started to draw a line,
such a smooth line that create their life..
It became clearer
as its come off the track at the beginning..
then the smile built up the strength for the sun to shine..

As we grown up,
we will walk in different roads like different style..
I blamed myself as I let the ink is getting rough
in our own direction..
So now i just can hold You by second time breathing..
But its pleased me every time it touch the lines..

Now makes today an another day to smile..
As the stars glowing so bright next besides me,
I'd show a moment to share with the world..
Time is accelerating as like I couldn't reach
and I always ask for more..
but I can't..
The lines will end..at least someday,
when it continue, it will comes with colors..
Take care Dear heart~

ps: sape boleh fhm ape yg sy maksudkan mmg sy tabik spring tebal ah...huhu

~the End~


ika honey bunny said...

ouh seperti liric lagu oh!

Saya Arif said...

the line's thickening not because of the ink,
it's the paper which the ink passes by,
sometimes it would be smooth, other times it could be rough,
but try not to spill the ink.

though the sun stops shining,
though the stars stops glowing,
even the line's only on black and white,
it's not the colors that matter,
it's the life the pencil would give to the lines,
making up the words, the drawings, and the smile.

HDS voice said...

ika: haha..mungkin boleh setelah di rombak..

arifffff..ape ko merepek tu sengal..
ko nk lwn post ak nih apehal plak..?aduiii..
ni cde kne mgena ngan s'spe k~