Jun 7, 2010

Owh friends~

Ting tong~
Friendship is a relation~
these relation make
me to write this..
simply for my friends..

"A friend is like a book that has to be read to appreciate its beauty. As such, you're one of the finest books ever read. How I wish you could be reprinted
. Event when i lost while reading, the page will still be there.."

"A friend is one who Sees your first drop of tear, Catches the second, Stops the third & turns the fourth into a Smile!!! Friends Always Keep Smiling.."

" For me..Friendship knows no season, knows no time, it has a sole intention of bringing two or more people together to a Moment called...F O R E V E R.."

"Dear friends.. What is real but invisible? Your love.. What is true but unfair? Your away from me..What is sweet but invincible? Your smile.. What is precious but priceless? Your friendship.."

"This is from my heart to my fingers to your eyes then yr mind. This is a <3
from a friend is what u may find..If y0u look cl0ser, u'll c h0w much i care.. Then I send this msg, c0z i can't be there.."

" Dear.. Everytime I miss U, stars falls d0wn fr0m the sky.

So any day if U find the sky empty, d0n't blame me!

It's all yr fault.!! Bc0z U made me Miss U so much.."

"What makes s0me pe0ple happy with their dearies is n0t just the happiness that we feel when we meet them..but the emptiness we feel when they are n0t ar0und.."

"I Live by faith & n0t by sight..so whether i c u or n0t, talk to u or n0t, i kn0w tat u r still da same, the bestfriends that w0rth keeping till the end.."

"DEarie, if friends r fl0wErS, i'lL pick a buNch of u..if starS lyke sweEts, i'lL buy a bAg 4 u.."


If i day s0me1 ask me what beautiful life means?

I w0uld lean on yr sh0ulder&h0ld u cl0se 2 me,then answer..

'Like this'.!!"


"Friendship is a little more trust, a little more laugh, a little less cry, a little more love, a little less fight a little more 'WE' & a little Less 'I'~ "

ps: I love words~

~the end~


madie said...

me love words <3

HDS voice said...

always 4 u~ <3

ork3d said...

love this entry...meaningfullll!hee

HDS voice said...

hee~ thanks2..
kebanyaknye bwt sndri taw..
ilyt dear ork3d~